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Thread: Ezviz DB1 Video Doorbell

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    Default Ezviz DB1 Video Doorbell

    Thought I would share this story as it took myself a few days to get this doorbell working.

    As I do a lot of work in my garage, I thought it was time to fit one of these doorbells so that I would get an alert on my Android phone.

    After a lot of googling, I decided to buy an Ezviz db1 Video Doorbell, I specifically went for this model as I wanted to record video locally to my Synology Nas box using Synology Surveillance Station as I am too tight to pay for cloud hosting. Also it is hackable so alternative firmware can be flashed on.
    Thought I would try it out on my bench in the garage first using a 230 to 12V DC adapter as I read it can work with DC. As I didnít have an existing doorbell I bought a cheap mechanical chime from Screwfix.

    After a lot of messing about, I got it working, but only alerts to my phone, could not get the actual mechanical solenoid chime to work. After more messing about the only thing I thought could be wrong was that I read incorrect reports on other forums about it working on DC voltage, so went to Screwfix and bought a 12V transformer with AC output. I connected this up and the mechanical chime was now working.

    Next day I started installing it and all working, but decided the mechanical solenoid chime was not loud enough so ordered a loud Honeywell 90db electronic chime.
    When it arrived, I replaced the mechanical chime for the electronic one, but found the Ezviz unit was going dead after around 30 seconds. Every time I power cycled it, it would reboot but again go dead after 30 seconds so I started to think about how it actually works, diagram enclosed.

    So this is my understanding. In normal use, the Power Kit Module (that comes with the Ezviz) must go into a short circuit to provide current to keep the Ezviz powered (with internal super capacitor or mini battery). When the doorbell is operated, it sends a signal to the Power Kit Module to go OPEN circuit, the EZviz then goes into SHORT circuit which then applies current to the door chime for a fraction of a second. Using my meter, I noted when first powered up, the module did go short circuit giving current to the Ezviz, but then quickly went open circuit, the the Ezviz battery quickly going flat and dead. Despite reprogramming the Ezviz for an electronic chime it still did the same.

    I figured the issue was that the mechanical door chime being a wire wound solenoid, meaning it had very low input impedance so always there was enough current flowing through its coil to beep the Ezviz powered, but the new door chime being electronic would have a very high input impedance so not enough current was flowing. As the Ezviz was only drawing around 200 milliamps, I figured that if I connected a resistor against the electronic chime trigger inputs, this would conduct enough to keep the Ezviz powered, after doing some basic maths and searching in my garage, I fitted a 20 ohm 50 watts resistor (RS Part Number 615-0482).

    Finally, it worked, now got a very loud chime the Ezviz is not dropping out and the resistor is not getting hot.

    Another tip, if you intend to record locally and want compatibility with an NVR of Nas, as the Ezviz DB1 is actually made by Hikvision, you can flash on the original Hikvision firmware and your doorbell video will now have ONVIF support.

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