I'm curious if Kodi is any good anymore after the surge in " builds " a few years back which completely killed the scene off due to greedy people selling firesticks etc thus shutting down build creators and what not

I dont get much time to watch tv these days and when i do i simply use Netflix tbh

i use IPTV for the boxing/footie and thats about it

i remember the good old days sat behind a PC for hours upon end everyday as a ritual, coding, researching, learning, all gone now - technology moves on and iphone gets used for most things now in all honesty - currently sat on my laptop in work on a rare outing for the thing - hardly used, collecting dust - running linux now for ease of use as i only browse these days so its rapid.

wanted to learn linux as a hobby around 12 months ago as was bored, to realise i simply dont have the time to do that either