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Thread: Cable NIT Analyser (UkCvs C16)

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    Default Cable NIT Analyser (UkCvs C16)

    Cable NIT Analyser (UkCvs C16)

    Original python tool by PeterJ @ OE-Alliance now modified for UkCvs Commando C16.
    Original IPK by Abu Baniaz now modified and repacked with extra scripting stuff and files to create a C16 compatible cables_locale.xml

    This version should be able to run along side original version of Cable NIT Analyser IPK without any issue.
    Tools main use is to gather latest updates when run on none pure regions, as these regions transmit data for several other regions.
    Region updates for the pure areas will require manual editing of static pre and post xml files in the plugin folder.

    This should make it much easier for users to update their C16 cables_locale.xml
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