There seems to be a false economy on electric charges at some Caravan sites, I normally stay at Caravan Club sites where electric hook up is "all in"

As I recently stayed at a site where electric hook up was an extra charge needing pre-paid token cards, I was amazed at this extra cost, although some sites appear to be cheaper when booking, the electric hook up token charges can totally offset the overall cost.

For example, staying at what appears to be a cheap site in April when it is pretty cold, keeping the electric heating on overnight managed to eat up 5 of electric credit in a 24 hour period, this is just for 1 night in a small 5 bearth!

I quickly resorted to the gas heating for air and water, then had the issue that my butane regulator was freezing with the cold, I had to lag it with half a roll of Kitchen Roll and pour boiling water over it to get the gas flowing.

So thinking of converting to propane now and using bigger bottles to get the costs down.

Are some caravan sites taking the piss here with electric charges? I am hoping that conversion to propane and bigger bottles will give me a big saving when caravanning a bit out of season......

On another note, at the recent site I stayed at, some peeps had the cheek to hook up to other pitches that was empty and using electric credit left by the previous occupents, I would probably do the same, BUT some do it to the extreem that a very very long hook up cable was used and thrown over a large hedge to pinch the electric from quite some distance!

Hence I hammered my credit on the last day down to only leaving 40p..........