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Thread: files for working clone openpli 2.1

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    Default files for working clone openpli 2.1

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this ?.

    These files will allow you to compile a working clone image if your using openpli2.1 to compile your image

    It contains secondstage bootloader 84b and working dvb module 2011/11/09
    I couldn't get the dvb-modules to work in pli3.0, I never tried any other dvb-module as far as I know 2011/11/09 are the only dvb-modules that work with 84b.

    If the pli boys update their dvb-modules bb file then on a rebuild it will moan just delete the bb file it moans about then replace it from the file again afterwards.
    or use
    cd build-dm800se ; source env.source ; bitbake openpli-enigma2-image
    instead of
    make -f Makefile-2.1 image
    As it bypasses the update.
    I prefer it to update so I don't miss any changes to the code, it doesn't take long to modify the bb file again
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    Cheers m8,
    I meant to say yes to these in my last pm
    All information given is for educational purposes only.It is an offence to use this information for the purpose of obtaining free PayTV and we do not condone the theft of PayTV services.

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